At DASQ we believe that re engieneering can only be successful if conducted and led by colleagues in the business. Restructuring needs control, planning and buy-in of all colleagues - tasks must be target driven with accountabilities clearly allocated. Milestones need to be set by the team - monitored, tracked and translated into financial impacts to ensure that the focus remains on improving the bottom line of the business.

Restructuring at DASQ is not just about the control of cash and cost--we believe that this must be achieved in conjunction with a strong emphasis on growth, securing existing customers and growing through new and existing products and services.

Efficient cash management is the foundation for every successful turnround. A typical timeline of a turnaround process shown in this graph:

DASQ Capital Partners work with external industry experts where necessary, utilising a network of specialists in different areas:

  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Sourcing
  • Public Relations
  • Engineering
  • Legal & Tax